TTF Photocathodes Database

Photocathode # 11 .1 Datasheet

This is the 1st cathode on plug number 11.

The cathode is a Uncoated Mo film, prepared in date 23/11/1998 .

Physical Measurements

There are no QE measurements available yet.and no dark current measurements. 

History of the plug before deposition

History of the plug operation performed until this cathode deposition (23/11/1998). 


History of the cathode during operation

No operations have been stored for this cathode.

Data for the cathode transfers

Since this is an uncoated plug, all transfers are shown.

26/11/1998LASA DESY-HH-FLASH Go to2
16/11/1999DESY-HH-FLASH LASA Go to2

Available pictures for this cathode

The following photographs are available.

\\2klasa1\Catodi\TESLA\photo database\plug 11\11_1\dopo utilizzo\foto digitali\cat11.jpg
Digital photo.
Mo polished surface. This cathode has been used in the gun.
\\2klasa1\Catodi\TESLA\photo database\plug 11\11_1\dopo utilizzo\foto microscopio\cat11_200_top_c_cyl_ritoccata.jpg
Microscope photo: 200 x, bright field
Small cylinder on the Mo surface.
\\2klasa1\Catodi\TESLA\photo database\plug 11\11_1\dopo utilizzo\foto microscopio\cat11_100_top_e.jpg
Microscope photo: 200 x
Details of the fringed border.
\\2klasa1\Catodi\TESLA\photo database\plug 11\11_1\dopo utilizzo\foto microscopio\cat11_200_top_c_cyl.jpg
Microscope photo: 200 x, dark field
Small cylinder on the Mo surface.
\\2klasa1\Catodi\TESLA\photo database\plug 11\11_1\dopo utilizzo\foto microscopio\cat11_200_top_b.jpg
Microscope photo: 200 x
Burning on the Mo surface close to the border.
\\2klasa1\Catodi\TESLA\photo database\plug 11\11_1\dopo utilizzo\foto microscopio\cat11_100_top_d.jpg
Microscope photo: 100 x
Small cylinders on the Mo surface.
\\2klasa1\Catodi\TESLA\photo database\plug 11\11_1\dopo utilizzo\foto microscopio\cat11_100_top_a.jpg
Microscope photo: 100 x
Burning on the Mo surface.

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Authored by Paolo Pierini, Daniele Sertore, and Laura Monaco LASA, 2002-2009.