TTF Photocathodes Database

Information available in the TTF Photocathode Database

This database contains the information on the production, shipments and operations of the Cs2 Te / KCsTe photocathodes used at several facilities: FLASH Linac and REGAE at DESY Hamburg, PITZ Facility in DESY-Zeuthen, NMLand A0 at FNAL and APEX at LBNL. From 1998 to 2011, all the photocatodes have been deposited at LASA Laboratory of INFN, situated in Segrate, near Milano, in Italy. Since 2011, two more deposition labs have joined Milano in supporting the production: one at DESY and one at FNAL.

The database organizes all the available information concerning the fabrication of the cathode plugs, the procedures used to prepare the plugs before deposition and the information on the photocatodes performances (deposition procedures and operating records).

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The information is organized according to the following list. Each page displays brief information on all the objects used for the cathodes and contains an hyperlink to a datasheet which provides additional detailed information on each object.


Two cathode plugs for the TTF PhotoCathode Gun Transfers Lists all cathode transfers between the laboratories (LASA, DESY/Hamburg and DESY/Zeuthen). The transferred cathodes are listed for each shipments.
Transfer Boxes Lists the available transfer boxes used for the cathode shipment between the laboratories, and their present state.
Cathodes Lists brief information about all the produced cathodes.
Plugs Lists brief information about all the manufactured plugs (substrates) used for the cathode deposition.
Rods Lists brief information about the metal rods used for the fabrication of the cathode plugs.


We are still gathering and organizing all the data for all the cathodes during their several years of operation. There may be some inconsistencies in the actual data stored to now. Please report them to us.



NEW 31/07/2006: The statistics section has been updated.

NEW 28/04/2005: The statistics section has been updated.

NEW 29/07/2004: Info on all cathode transfers between gun and boxes has been added. The gun status is also tracked


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Authored by Paolo Pierini, Daniele Sertore, and Laura Monaco LASA, 2002-2009.